President's Message


 BRAVO Music Company, Inc. is an organization of music enthusiasts transforming lives of youth to appreciate music. 

Its camp program produces happy and creative young people who become professional adults.

In Savannah-Chatham County, our Board has recruited, nurtured, and inspired youth to excellence for the past eighteen years. 

One measure of BRAVO’s success is the number of campers who return to camp year after year, elementary, middle, and                      high school students.    The camp fosters an environment where young minds are provided intellectual freedom to explore their        vast interests.  Success has no bounds, and the musical possibilities of our program have no limits.

Camp clinicians, staff, and volunteers enrich minds and welcome diversity.  Our clinicians are experts in their area of music,   professional staffers provide needs for campers, and qualified volunteers assist where needed.

Many of BRAVO’s alumni are music teachers, college professors, business leaders, engineers, and orchestral performers.  

Allow us to continue to nurture our precious resource, children, to become world leaders of tomorrow. 

Thank you for visiting our site.  We hope you will join us this summer. 

Yours truly,

Board President